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Hot Gin Skin Cocktail

Hot Gin Skin Cocktail

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  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 3 cloves
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 double measure of gin

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Heat a glass of water with a little water, add the rest of the ingredients and warm water (I added about 70-100 ml of water) and mix until the honey has dissolved.

400 gr flour, 4 large eggs, a pinch of salt, 2 pcs. white onion, garlic, butter, olive oil, green basil, frozen jumbo shrimp, lime, tonic water, cold, cardamom, several pepper, types, a little liquid cream, cream cheese, black caviar, pepper jam

Prepare the pasta dough from flour, eggs, a pinch of salt and a decoction of pan-fried shrimp with a little butter, garlic and onion, but also a little gin and a little cardamom. The shrimp mix is ​​passed through a blender, turning it into a paste that is added to the classic pasta ingredients. Homogenize the dough and leave it to dry for 30 minutes, then pass it through the pasta machine.

Meanwhile, prepare the shrimp and sauce. Heat a little olive oil, add chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic. Add the shrimp and lightly brown, then quench with gin. Season with salt, pepper of various kinds, freshly ground, lime juice and a little cardamom. At the end, add butter for creaminess.

Remove the shrimp and keep warm, and in the pan on the fire, with the onion and the rest of the ingredients, add the cooked and drained pasta. Mix well to ennoble with the creamy sauce and add more liquid cream and, if necessary, a little water from the one in which they boiled.

The plate in which the pasta is served will be glazed with hot pepper jam. Then place the pasta with sauce, shrimp all around, and on top of them place a cup of a delicious cream cheese and black caviar. Two strands of chives, or a basil leaf will suffice for decoration. Filipino pasta is delicious served with a gin cocktail, say the creators of the recipe.

Delicious cocktail recipes to try for the Easter holiday

Do you have an Easter party in the garden (hopefully the weather will be nice) to which you intend to invite your family and / or all your friends? If so, here are some amazing cocktail recipes that are being prepared for Easter and that you and your friends will be able to enjoy. Choose any of these delicious delights served by the glass and you will not fail!

1. Peeps cocktail

Peeps is definitely one of everyone's favorite cocktails. They are tasty and colorful and even children can drink them (if vodka is removed from the recipe). To make peeps cocktails, rub a martini glass with a slice of lemon, soak it in colored sugar and set it aside. Then, in a shaker full of ice, add cherry vodka, triple dry, grenadine syrup and stir until cool. Strain into the prepared glass. Serve with bunny decorations.

2. Rosemary, cocktail with grapefruit and gin

If you like herbal aromatic cocktails, then this is a perfect Easter cocktail. Pour gin, grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup into a shaker. Add a tablespoon of ice and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. When you're done, fill a glass with ice and pour the cocktail from the shaker through a fine mesh filter into the glass. Garnish with fresh rosemary and slices of pink grapefruit.

3. Punch with prosseco and lemonade

Here is a delicious punch of lemonade and prosseco that can be perfect for partying in your garden and beyond. To prepare it, mix the lemonade and vodka in a large bowl. Add blackberries, mint and prosecco. Serve this mixture over ice but let it sit for a while. Store it well covered in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, then serve it to guests.

4. Raspberry sorbet with champagne

Can you imagine a perfect fresh pleasure for when the weather outside is warm, with raspberry taste? Does it sound tasty? It's delicious and it's definitely a luxury cocktail you can't miss. Just pour champagne over the raspberry sorbet, garnish with fresh raspberries, and your cocktail is ready to serve.


5. The bubble bunny

Here is a light Easter cocktail that all guests will enjoy. Just mix one part lemonade and 3 parts champagne with ice, then strain into a glass of champagne. The cocktail is perfect to be served with some delicious and colorful macaroon cookies. Enjoy both.

6. The wonderful bat

Do you like purple? Then you will definitely love this wonderful bat cocktail. To make it, mix only 1 part grapes, 1 part lemonade, 1 drop triple dry, 1 drop bubble water and then serve over ice. This cocktail is a real pleasure for those who know how to enjoy life.

Ingredients needed for perfect cocktails

Every party starts and ends with a good cocktail. With more than two centuries of history, to create this spectacular drink you need to master a little art, but with a little exercise until the next party you become a master.

You don't need to have an impressive number of drinks to be able to create the most spectacular glasses or the most classic cocktails. However, for starters, you will need a bottle of gin, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of rum, a quality brandy, a whiskey and a brandy, a dry white vermouth, a few bitter and bitter liqueurs and of course a few bottles. of delicious syrups.


There is no room for stingy in choosing the drink you serve to your friends or pamper yourself after a day of work. The drink must be of good quality, so that every glass you drink is a pure pleasure.

Gin should be dry, classic, a gin suitable for martinis. Quality gin is vital in any personal bar, whether you prepare cocktails or not.

As for the whiskey, it must be with an alcohol content of 45 ° or more and be aged for at least 4 years. This way you will get more flavor in the prepared drinks. The process by which the whiskey ages in new oak barrels gives the liquid more flavor and an elegant color and implicitly more prestige of the glasses that house it.

You must have another white rum for daiquiri. And for brandy cocktails you will definitely need one quality brandy.

The only drink you can choose from the elegance and design of the bottle is vodka. The difference in taste between the assortments of vodka is lost in the cocktail mixture, so you can look for a bottle of vodka with an impressive image to put a price on something else.

Sweet and dry vermouths vary a lot, covering an extremely wide range of flavors. The most important thing to remember is that you need to store the vermouth in the fridge once you open it.

For this reason it is advisable to buy smaller bottles.


Some liqueurs have such an original aroma that they are categories in themselves and cannot be replaced with other drinks. E.g, Campari is used for Negroni cocktail , and Benedictine for Bobby Burns. Each of them is vital in the success of these pretentious cocktails.


Bitter has an extremely interesting story. I read it in this article on the blog of bautura-online.ro and I was really impressed. Bitter is made up of a special mixture of spices, herbs and other plants that have been left to soak in alcohol and is sometimes still used as a stand-alone medicine. Bitter is very concentrated, so it can work just like spices in food, so it must be quality and used sparingly.

Our most famous bitter is Jagermeister and is known more as an excellent digestive, especially at meals where several dishes are served in a short time.


As I said, the syrup can make the difference between a spectacular cocktail and a sweetened drink mix. In cocktail recipes, the syrup is used as a binder and determines a better integration of the ingredients and at the same time gives consistency to the texture. Sometimes the syrups are combined in such a way that they remain at the bottom of the glass, in which case they are necessary to create an aesthetic appearance of the glass.

3 cocktail recipes, a delight for the taste buds

Martini is without a doubt the king of cocktails. Almost a category in itself, it is pure alcohol and delight arousing the imagination of millions of people for more than a century and almost like no other drink can be compared to a real Martini.

For 2 martini glasses and an unforgettable evening we need:

  • 150 ml of dry gin
  • 50 ml dry vermouth
  • a measure of orange liqueur
  • 2 green olives for garnish

As a preparation, Martini is one of the easiest cocktails to make. The alcohol is mixed for 30 seconds in the shaker removed from the freezer. Pour into cold glasses and garnish with an olive stuck in a graceful toothpick.

Cocktail Manhattan

original cocktail Manhattan It was a blend of American Whiskey, and Italian Sweet Vermouth Bitter.

Whiskey-based Manhattan is one of five cocktails named after a district in New York City. Its composition is similar to the Brooklyn cocktail that uses dry vermouth and Maraschino liqueur instead of Manhattan sweet vermouth and Amer Picon instead of bitter.

Ingredients for two glasses of Manhattan:

  • 120 ml quality whiskey
  • 60 ml of vermouth
  • 2 bitter measures
  • 2 cherries to decorate each cocktail

Mix the ingredients in the ice cream shaker for 30 seconds. For serving, use glasses taken from the ice and garnish with cherries.

Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch is a little trickier, but using a special measure and premium ingredients, you can get an excellent drink.

  • 40 ml macaroons
  • 40 ml Southern Comfort liqueur
  • 40 ml of vodka
  • 80 ml orange juice
  • 80 ml pineapple juice
  • 40 ml lime juice
  • 40 ml Monin Grenadine Syrup
  • Broken ice cubes

Mix in the shaker, all the ingredients with ice, except the grenadine syrup, which is added at the end. Monin Grenadine is a versatile ruby ​​red syrup perfect for making cocktails, mocktails and lemonades.

Serve in cold glasses, garnished with slices of red oranges.

What do you say, will my recipes tempt you? What other cocktail recipes do you know?

What kind of rum is recommended to use

Rum is a sweet alcoholic beverage, obtained by fermenting and distilling products derived from sugar cane, such as molasses or sugar cane syrup.

The molasses or syrup is first mixed with water and left to ferment for a day (for the rum assortments used in cocktails) or a few weeks (for the stronger and more aromatic assortments). At the end, the mixture thus obtained is distilled.

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Therefore, in order for a cocktail such as Cuba Libre to work well for you, you have to use a special, weaker rum, also known as "white rum", writes The Spruce.

The best cocktail recipes were included

Now, Cointreau liqueur is considered one of the most popular foundations for cocktails. Some prefer to drink this liquid in its pure form and it is difficult to judge, because the taste of this drink itself is very pleasant. But really Cointreau reveals himself in the preparation of cocktails. Using this base, you can prepare a lot of different drinks for every taste.

Do not drink Cointreau liqueur in its pure form, it is better to try to make a truly divine cocktail!

Below are the best recipes for preparing all kinds of cocktails from Cointreau, which almost anyone can repeat. If you are preparing some of this at a party, then make sure that you will not be able to avoid special attention from other people! All you have to do is choose your favorite drink and follow our step-by-step cooking instructions. Everything is made extremely simple.

Cointreau liqueur cocktail recipes

With this drink in the home bar, you can turn an ordinary holiday evening into a charming party. The liqueur is able to turn its head, especially if you properly prepare popular Cointreau cocktails based on it ..


Shot is a portion whose volume does not exceed 50-60 ml. The name translates from English as & bdquoshot & rdquo; it means that the portion has a high degree and is designed for rapid intoxications. Photos served in small glasses or piles.

The most popular recipes:

Royal Flush

Prepare as follows: pour ginger syrup (10-15 ml) into a glass, put liqueur based on red grapefruit (10-15 ml), add freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 tbsp), pour 10 -15 ml Cointreau liqueur.

  • ginger syrup - 15 ml.
  • red grapefruit liqueur - 15 ml.
  • fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • Cointreau - 15 ml.
  1. Pour the ginger syrup.
  2. Top with grapefruit liqueur.
  3. Pour the lemon juice.
  4. Finally, add Cointreau.

Royal Flush

Medusa. This shot is prepared as follows: a layer of Cointreau (not more than 15 ml) and any absinthe (vodka, brandy) put on 20-25 ml of viscous liqueur with cocoa, the last touch will be 4 tbsp. Irish cream.

  • viscous liqueur with cocoa - 20-25 ml.
  • Cointreau - 15 ml.
  • Vodka or brandy - 15 ml.
  • Irish cream - 4 teaspoons
  1. The first to pour cocoa liqueur because it has the highest density.
  2. Pour into the cointreau.
  3. Carefully add brandy or vodka so as not to destroy the layers.
  4. Cream top to give the cocktail an aesthetic look.


Chiwawa. Hot cocktail in the truest sense of the word. Even following the cooking process is a pleasure. The bartenders first pour 20 grams of Cointreau, add the same amount of Mexican tequila and put it on the fire. A piece of sugar is quickly put on the fire, which turns into caramel and sits slowly on the bottom of the glass. You can use it when the sugar is right at the bottom. If the edge of the pot is very hot, cool it with an ordinary ice cube.

  1. Watching the preparation of this drink is a pleasure. If you have seen professionals do this, you must have looked at everything with a witchly look, with a surprised expression on your face.
  2. Pour the Cointreau liqueur.
  3. Add the tequila and turn on the heat quickly.
  4. On the flame, put sugar, which should turn into caramel and sit on the bottom.
  5. Drink alcohol when the caramel is on the bottom. Before use, check the temperature of the glass so as not to burn your lips. If it is excessively hot, cool with an ice cube.

They were making cocktails

Lady cocktails with Cointreau are prepared according to the following recipes:

Red bubbles. To make this cocktail, you do not need to have the art of a bartender. It is enough to pour ice cubes into a tall glass and pour them in equal proportions of Cointreau and grape juice (preferably red varieties). Sometimes a tonic is added to the recipe, but this is not necessary.


Cosmopolitan. All ingredients should be mixed well in a separate bowl.

For a cocktail you will need:

  • 40 grams of vodka,
  • 20 grams of Cointreau,
  • 30 grams of cranberry juice,
  • 35 grams of sliced ​​lime fruit,
  • orange slice and 200 grams of ice cubes.

To the main composition you need to add juice of half a lime. Served in a glass of chilled wine.

Cosmopolitan white

Cosmopolitan white. In a separate bowl, you need to mix 30 grams of vodka and 15 grams of Cointreau and lemon juice. Serve in large chilled glasses.

B-52. Served in tall glasses with nicely placed layers. At the bottom you need to pour 15 grams of Kalua coffee liqueur, put 15 grams of Irish cream in a second layer, the final layer - 15 grams of Cointreau liqueur.

Sun dream

Sun dream. For dessert lovers, this recipe is perfect.

In a blender you need to mix:

  • 50 grams of ice cream,
  • 20 grams of Cointreau,
  • 20 grams of fruit syrup,
  • 100 grams of orange juice.

It is served in a large glass, it can be decorated with cherry, blueberry or mint leaves.


Caipirinha. In an ordinary tall glass, pour 40 grams of Cointreau, add a few slices of lime and finely chopped ice.


Quantitative. In a separate container you need to mix 50 grams of Cointreau, 25 grams of cranberries and lemon juice, then pour the mixture into a wide cooled glass and add a ribbon of lemon peel, twisted in a spiral.

The most & bdquoucigaşe & rdquo Cointreau liqueur cocktails


Kamikaze. 20 grams of Cointreau, 40 grams of regular vodka and 10 grams of lemon juice should be mixed in a separate bowl and shaken well. Serve in a large chilled glass.

Lady criminal

Lady criminal. The name sounds threatening, but the cocktail itself is easy to drink.

To prepare it, you need to spread it in a blender

  • 10 grams Cointreau,
  • 30 grams of mango and pineapple juice,
  • 20 grams of gin and tonic,
  • half peach,
  • half a banana,
  • ¼ mango part,
  • beat until smooth.

Serve the cocktail in a large chilled glass. Fresh strawberries can be used as a dessert.

Ambulant. The first sensation of mild taste is very misleading. After a short time, alcohol will show its effect. To properly prepare this cocktail, you need to stir in a shaker

  • 1 part Cointreau (15 g),
  • 2 parts brandy (30 g)
  • 5 grams of lemon juice.
  • Add crushed ice, strain through a fine sieve.
  • Serve in stacks with half a lime wedge.

Most recipes are approximate. You can experiment with the ingredients, add fruit, syrup or alcoholic beverages to taste. Enjoy the delicate aroma and taste of Cointreau liqueur cocktails.

White lady

All ingredients are beaten in a stirrer. Then pour the drink into a chilled glass - the cocktail is ready!


Beat all the ingredients, strain, put a lemon ring on the wall of the glass, glazed with salt.

With vodka and lime

  • Vodka 40 ml
  • Cointreau 20 ml
  • Cranberry juice 30 ml
  • Var 35 g
  • Orange 5 g
  • Ice cubes 200 g

Pour the ingredients into the stirrer and strain half the lime. Stir and pour into a cooled glass. Garnish with an orange zest cocktail.

Red bubbles

Pour liqueur and juice into a tall glass of ice, add tonic.

Lady criminal

  • 10 ml Cointreau
  • 30 ml mango and pineapple juice
  • 20 ml gin
  • half a peach and a banana
  • a quarter of the mango fruit.

Beat all ingredients in a blender, serve with strawberries. Despite its formidable name, the drink has a particularly mild taste.
We also offer an original recipe from one of the capital's bartenders.


  • Cointreau - 50 gr.
  • Cranberry juice - 25 gr.
  • Lemon juice - 25 gr.
  • Lemon peel - 1 slice
  1. In a deep bowl, mix the alcohol and juices.
  2. Pour into a cold glass and lightly put the lemon peel, previously twisted in a spiral.

Cocktails for men with Cointreau

Of course, it is not necessary for the recipes below to be used to make alcoholic beverages only for men, just as the recipes above are used to make beverages only for women. But, as practice shows, these cocktails with & bdquoCointreau & rdquo are even more preferred by the stronger sex.

Cocktail with Cointreau & bdquoAK-47 & rdquo

This cocktail is very powerful and as reliable in terms of intoxication as the murder weapon that gave it its name.

And no wonder - seven (!) Alcoholic beverages are mixed in the cocktail:

  • cognac,
  • vodka,
  • gin,
  • liqueur & bdquoCointreau & rdquo,
  • bourbon,
  • light rum,
  • whiskey.

For a portion of cocktail - ten milliliters each plus ten milliliters of lime juice. Stir all the ingredients in an ice stirrer, filter into a glass and add to the top of the siphon. Don't forget to throw a small piece of lime in each glass.

Cocktail Cointreau & bdquoVermouth tripple & rdquo

Here we use white vermouth and gin - thirty milliliters and fifteen milliliters of Cointreau liqueur. The cocktail is prepared in an ice-free shaker and filtered into a glass with two slices of citrus - orange and lemon.

Cocktail Cointreau & bdquoRin aur & rdquo

Twenty-five milliliters of gin, fifteen & bdquoCointreau & rdquo, ten milliliters of white vermouth and & bdquoCâmpari & rdquo. The ingredients are mixed in a separate glass of ice and poured into a cocktail glass, in which a slice of orange has already been placed.

They were making cocktails for everyone

"For all" means "persons" who have reached the age at which alcohol is permitted under the laws of your country. & rdquo;

Cocktail with Cointreau & bdquoSingapore & rdquo

  • In fact, the Cointreau liqueur itself, as part of this cocktail, is just a few drops, just like the bitter Angostur and the Benedictine liqueur.
  • The main drink is gin, it needs thirty milliliters, we also take ten milliliters of cherry liqueur.
  • Mix all this together with pieces of ice in a stirrer, filter into a cocktail glass, which also has ice, add a mixture of pineapple and lime juices.
  • Heat the edge of the glass with a slice of fresh pineapple.
  • You can also use a cocktail cherry for decoration.

Cointreau Peach Cocktail

  • Fill the shaker with about half the crushed ice, pour three tablespoons of gin and Cointreau and four tablespoons of peach juice there.
  • Stir and strain into a large glass.
  • Top with soda - this is in accordance with the classic recipe.
  • From experience - maybe someone will like it even more - soda can not be used, without it, the taste of the cocktail is more pronounced.

But this is IMHO. experiment!

The story

The Cointreau company, represented by two brothers, began producing alcohol in 1849. After 25 years, the son of one of them, Eduard, created a recipe for Cointreau liqueur, and a year later, the first fans saw the drink. And her drink, label and her unusual rectangular bottle of dark amber were immediately patented. The name Triple Sec White (or Blanco) Curasao had to be changed to Cointreau.

The liqueur was advertised in all possible ways and was purchased by millions of fans, despite the fact that its price was not affordable. It was a drink for the rich.

The 21st century and modern advertising (in front of Dita von Teese, bottles for export to the United States are decorated with the image of the Statue of Liberty, metal swirls and Swarovski crystals) have made liquor the best-selling

Species and varieties:

There are only two of them: the classic & bdquoCointreau & rdquo (produced according to the original recipe, unchanged) and the liqueur & bdquoCointreau Noir & rdquo (a mixture between liqueur and cognac & bdquoRemy Martin & rdquo).

Cointreau Fortress is reflected in the bottles in which it is bottled. The most elite, expensive and famous is the 40-degree alcohol, hidden behind a dark brown glass.

Effect on the body: increases appetite, gives peace of mind.

How to drink Cointreau liqueur

Serve liqueur before meals as an appetizer. Cool before serving. A glass or a glass is decorated with a slice of lemon / lime or cut zest from these fruits.

  1. As part of cocktails. Created from over two hundred. Among them you will find both drinks - long, and photos. The best are: Margarita, B-52, White Lady, Long Island, Cosmopolitan, Japanese Shoes, Smoothie etc ..

From cocktail glasses, you can use different glasses - & bdquomartinki & rdquo; & bdquotumblers & rdquo; liqueur glasses etc ..

Production secrets:

Speaking of Cointreau, it would be naive to believe that a company that has been making a profit from its sale for almost 150 years will tell the world all the details of its production.

It is only known that, in the process of its creation, the dry dowry of the sun of rather ripe bitter oranges is combined with fresh sweet zest (in secret proportion) and placed in alcohol (a mixture of cereals and beets) for a few days, after which , using copper distillation cubes, distill the resulting tincture twice. & bdquoThe head & rdquo and & bdquocozile & rdquo are sent for other needs, and the & bdquoinima & rdquo distillate is used to make liqueur.

After that, the selected alcohol is diluted with spring water and sweetened with sugar syrup.

Interestingly, no one has yet reproduced an exact copy of Cointreau with all the simplicity of its production technology.

The secret of bitter orange

They try to make Cointreau right at home, because the process of creating it is not a big secret. Although, of course, without knowing the very patented details, the original cannot be reproduced at home. For its production are used two varieties of oranges: bitter and sweet. Because orange liqueur it has a double finish. This was the main difference between the drink and the Dutch counterparts, which were overly sweet. The bitter orange zest, which Edward began to order on the island of Curazo, gave his descendants a crawling delicacy - just the highlight that was so lacking in the liquor assortment of the time. This feature brought Cointreau's world fame.

The orange zest undergoes a thorough maceration - a process that releases the largest possible amount of essential oils, which gives the drink an unforgettable taste and aroma. In addition to orange peel, this nectar contains the following simple elements:

By the way, the power of the drink at the exit is 40 degrees, which is a lot for liqueurs in general. Therefore, it is traditionally considered masculine, although in modern times, of course, there are no restrictions for lovers of hard drinks.


It was developed in 1875, its creator being Eduard Quantro. His family owned a fruit-based liqueur plant grown in the local regions. Despite the fact that the information about the composition is kept secret, the main component of the liqueur is the orange peel of the bitter and sweet varieties. In terms of endurance, the drink contains 40 degrees of alcohol.

The good news is that today the recipe for this original drink has not changed. Its taste is no different from Cointreau, launched at the beginning of production. Liqueur is popular all over the world and especially in Europe.

How and with what to drink Cointreau liqueur? It can be served either in pure form or as part of cocktails. It is also used for impregnation of baking, preparation of pastry fillings, sauces, ice cream.

Unlike other types of liqueur, Cointreau contains much less sugar, which is why it can be drunk in its pure form. To reduce the bitterness, we recommend adding a few ice cubes. But still, most people prefer to add it to cocktails.

If you intend to drink the drink in its pure form, be sure to cool it. As for the vessels, they will make ordinary small glasses. You can even use Cointreau before meals, as it improves and stimulates the digestion process.

Less popular cocktails

  • Margarita - one of the most popular drinks, which contains orange liqueur. To prepare it, you need to mix 30 ml of tequila, 10 ml of orange liqueur and 25 ml of lemon or lime juice. Serve in a glass decorated with a slice of lemon and salt on the edges.
  • "Barbarella": mix 50 ml of orange liqueur and 25 ml of elderberry, add crushed ice.
  • Blue sky: mix 35 ml Cointreau, crushed ice, 35 ml Curacao liqueur. Pour mineral water with gas in the right amount, garnish with a slice of lemon.
  • Violet Diavol: mix 25 ml of Triple-s liqueur, 25 ml of orange liqueur, as many almonds as possible. Add ice and stir, pour the cranberry juice. Add 20-30 ml of soda.
  • "Safari": mix 25 ml Cointreau and the same amount of melon-flavored liqueur (Midori). Add 150 ml of orange juice and mix. Pour into a cocktail glass, add 5-6 drops of pomegranate juice (one at a time). Decorate with tropical fruits.
  • "Insolence": mix 25 ml Cointreau and apricot brandy. Add 100 ml of grapefruit juice, & bdquo50 ml Sprite and 1 tbsp. lime or lemon juice.
  • Fluffy dog ​​cocktail: you will need only two ingredients, 30 ml each - Cointreau and Bailey liqueur. Mix both ingredients with ice.

Cointreau validity period

The taste and properties of the drink are not lost even after a period of time. An unopened container of liqueur is kept for several years. If it is stored for too long, you will see that the drink begins to thicken, to separate. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat.

You can make cocktails with the addition of Cointreau at home. Treat your friends with Margarita or the classic fluffy dog.

We will tell you about all the nuances.

Buying Cointreau is not enough to fully enjoy its taste. Trebuie să știți câteva caracteristici.

  • În primul rând, această băutură ajută digestia bine, crește pofta de mâncare, de aceea cel mai bine este să o beți înainte de masa principală - ca aperitiv.
  • În al doilea rând, este indicat să răciți băutura înainte de a bea. Ca fel de mâncare, ei recomandă un pahar obișnuit pentru lichior.
  • În al treilea rând, este recomandat să o combini cu o felie de lămâie sau lămâie - acest lucru va accentua aroma de citrice a lichiorului. Legendarul cocktail Margarita se bazează pe această combinație..

Dacă decideți să diluați Cointreau cu apă rece sau doar să-l răcoriți cu gheață, dați atenție la culoarea băuturii. Albul lactic vorbește despre autenticitatea lichiorului.

Și, desigur, nu putem să nu menționăm o varietate de cocktailuri bazate pe Cointreau. preț acest alcool nu este cel mai scăzut, dar acest lucru nu îi împiedică pe cunoscuții adevărați să experimenteze multe combinații interesante.

Să începem cu cel mai popular cocktail - Margarita. Pentru pregătire veți avea nevoie de un pahar de cocktail Margarita și un shaker. Se toarnă sare pe o farfurie plată, se răstoarnă pe un pahar și se așază pe ea. Bagati la frigider. Se amestecă 30 ml de tequila, 15 ml de Quanro și 30 ml de suc de lime într-un agitator. Turnați amestecul finit într-un pahar răcit, decorați cu o felie de var. Acest cocktail latino-american a fost mult timp favorit al femeilor americane și europene..

Mila Verde

Dacă pregătiți această băutură pentru o petrecere acasă, atunci cu siguranță niciunul dintre invitați nu va rămâne indiferent. Atât gustul luminos, cât și culoarea verde a cocktail-ului sunt pur și simplu uluitoare! Combinați într-un blender un kiwi decojit și 50 ml de absint și Cointreau. Turnați amestecul într-un pahar de cocktail și garnisiți cu o felie de kiwi. Acceptați complimente.

"Pantof japonez"

O altă combinație originală. Luați o parte din lichiorul de pepene Midori, Cointreau de portocale și sucul de lămâie, amestecați. Se toarnă într-un pahar de cocktail și se garnisește cu o felie mică de pepene galben. Pepenele suculent și citricele vibrante - o combinație de neuitat.

Și în sfârșit - viguros "Kamikaze"

Cointreau în sine este o băutură puternică: la urma urmei, 40 de grade. Acum adaugă cât mai multă vodcă la 30 ml de lichior plus aceeași cantitate de lămâie sau suc de lămâie. Serviți în focuri. Garnisiți cu o felie de var. A bea într-o singură gâlfă. Destul de &bdquorus Margaret&bdquoS-a dovedit!

După ce ai cumpărat Cointreau și câteva ingrediente de bază, folosește rețetele noastre. Și vei deveni adevăratul rege al partidului!

Cointreau acasă:

Încercările de a găti faimosul Cointreau acasă sunt întotdeauna lăudabile, chiar dacă cel vintage se va asemăna doar cu numele. Mai mult decât atât - nu așa, nu înseamnă deloc - mai rău. Și dacă țineți cont de numărul falsurilor vândute, este și mai bine.

Ei beau lichior de casă, precum și de brand - refrigerat - fie într-o singură gâlpâie, fie în cocktail-uri..

Băuturile sunt păstrate perfect și fără pivnițe.

P.S. Înlocuirea vodcă cu rom alb în rețete dă rezultate excelente, dar crește costul lichiorului de casă.

Cointreau acasă

  • vodka - 1 litru
  • portocale - 3 buc..
  • lămâi - 1 buc..
  • zahăr - 1 cană
  • frunză de dafin - 2 buc..
  • negru și allspice - 3 mazăre fiecare
  • ardei roșu - un vârf

Trebuie să gătești așa:

5 cocktail-uri delicioase pe care le poți face acasă

Chiar dacă ne petrecem timpul în casă, fără compania prietenilor, nu înseamnă că nu putem savura un cocktail gustos, preparat ca la carte de noi. Iată 5 rețete de cocktail pe care merită să le încerci, pentru a te relaxa în aceste zile mai dificile!

Există rețete de cocktail pe care numai profesioniștii le pot prepara, însă există și unele care pot fi făcute cu succes și de un amator. Încearcă și tu aceste 5 rețete de cocktail pentru a te bucura de weekend-urile de primăvară, în ciuda distanțării sociale. Încearcă-le pe rând și ține cont că alcoolul trebuie consumat întotdeauna cu moderație.

Top 10 cocktailuri cu rom

Când vorbești despre rom, te gândești de obicei la cocktailuri exotice, numai bune de băut în vacanță, la plajă. Foarte elaborate și destul de greu de repetat acasă. Romul este, fără îndoială, o băutură versatilă, care poate fi savurată în tot felul de combinații, unele dintre ele fiind destul de simplu de făcut fără atestat de barman.

1. CAIPIRINHA PUNCH &ndash O rețetă inspirată de celebrul cocktail brazilian, punch-ul nostru are în plus suc de ginger, care face cocktailul mai efervescent și mai răcoritor.

Iată rețeta: pisați câteva felii de ghimbir, câteva sferturi de lime și mentă cu muddlerul într-un pahar și apoi adăugați Cachaca
până se umple paharul și lăsați amestecul peste noapte la rece. Înainte să îl degustați, puneți amestecul într-un bol de punch
sau un pitcher laolaltă cu un pahar de suc de lime și 5 pahare de ginger beer sau ginger ale. Puneți gheață din belșug și amestecați bine.

2. DARK AND STORMY &ndash Este o băutură simplă și foarte populară în Statele Unite. Secretul stă în rom, care trebuie să fie negru (Goslings sau Myers). La o parte de rom, pui trei părți de ginger beer. Amesteci bine cu gheață într-un pahar înalt și adaugi o felie de lime și câteva frunze de mentă.

3. EUREKA PUNCH &ndash Amestecul de rom și Chartreuse poate părea destul de violent. Nu însă și dacă este domolit de o cantitate rezonabilă de ginger ale. Rețeta acestui punch este mai exact: două părți rom, una de Chartreuse, una de suc de lămâie, două de ginger beer, o linguriță de sirop și un strop de Angostura.

4. GOLDEN AGE &ndash O combinație al cărei gust te duce cu gândul la cocktailul Manhattan. Ar putea fi un fel de Manhattan răcoritor pentru pasionații de rom. Iată cum îl preparați: puneți într-un pahar înalt sau într-un shaker două părți de rom auriu, o parte de Cynar, o parte de Licor 43 și două lingurițe de vin fortifiat dulce (Porto, Sherry sau Marsala). Decorați amestecul cu o felie de grepfrut roz.

5. GOOMBAY SMASH &ndash O rețetă foarte populară în Insulele Bermude, unde se pare că a și fost inventată. Simplă, răcoritoare și ușor de făcut. Amestecați într-un shaker o parte rom, o parte Malibu, o parte suc de portocale și două părți de suc de ananas. După ce s-a răcit bine shakerul, strecurați amestecul într-un pahar înalt și decorați cu felii de ananas și portocală.

6. ISLE OF PINES &ndash Acest cocktail este pe cât de simplu, pe atât de gustos și răcoritor. Respectă formula pe care o întâlnești în multe rețete cu rom: rom + suc de fructe (citrice) + îndulcitor = cocktail. Nu trebuie decât să amestecați într-un shaker plin cu gheață o parte de rom, o parte suc de rodii, o jumătate de suc de grepfrut și o linguriță de sirop. Rezultatul îl strecurați într-un pahar de cocktail și îl decorați cu câteva coacăze negre sau roșii sau cu sâmburi de rodie.

7. LEMONADE SMASH &ndash Amestecul de limonadă, rom și căpșuni sună irezistibil. Cu cât sunt căpșunile mai coapte și mai zemoase, cu atât mai gustos va ieși acest cocktail. Iată rețeta: două părți rom alb, o parte suc de lămâie și o parte parte sirop. Ingredientele se amestecă cu gheață într-un shaker în care au fost zdobite în prealabil 3-4 căpșuni. Apoi amestecul
este strecurat într-un pahar înalt și decorat cu o căpșună și cu frunze de mentă.

8. MANDARIN COOLER &ndash Mandarinele sunt îndeobște ocolite de barmani, pentru că sunt prea dulci și greu de combinat cu alte ingrediente. Rețeta de față e o excepție, iar autorul ei a echilibrat gustul sucului de mandarină cu sirop de rozmarin. Pe scurt: o parte rom, 2 părți suc de mandarine și 2-3 lingurițe de sirop de rozmarin amestecate într-un pahar înalt cu gheață.

Siropul de rozmarin îl puteți face și singuri acasă: fierbeți un kg de zahar și un litru de apă împreună până se face sirop. Lăsați la răcit apoi fierbeți vreme de 5 minute siropul cu 5-6 crenguțe de rozmarin, pisate usor cu cuțitul înainte. Lăsați amestecul la răcit peste noapte și apoi îl strecurați într-o sticlă pe care o țineți la frigider.

9. TROPICAL STORM &ndash Secretul oricărui cocktail cu ananas este să ai suc proaspăt la dispoziție. Sucurile de ananas din conservă, chiar și cele neîndulcite, nu pot avea aceeași savoare. În rețeta de față, pe lângă două părți de suc de ananas, punem două de suc de portocale, două de rom și una de Campari. Le amestecăm pe toate într-un pahar înalt cu gheață și apoi decorăm paharul cu o felie de ananas, de portocală sau cu o cireașă.

10. BERRYNICE MARTINI &ndash Există zeci, poate sute de conjugări ale celebrului cocktail Martini. Unele dintre ele chiar făcute fără vermut, gin sau votcă. Cel de față combină două părți de Chambord cu 4 de Cachaca. Ingredientele sunt amestecate într-un shaker în care au fost zdrobite și amestecate în prealabil cu muddlerul cocăze negre, sferturi de lime și o linguriță de sirop. Apoi amestecul este strecurat într-un pahar de Martini, evident.

Țuică fiartă

Ei bine, și țuica fiartă este o băutură tradițională românească. Fie că ești afară unde sunt temperaturi scăzute sau stai în casă lângă sobă sau șemineu, țuica fiartă este extrem de potrivită, fiind un adevărat deliciu. Mai mult decât atât, țuica fiartă este un excelent remediu pentru răceală.

Ingredientele necesare:

Method of preparation:

Pune toate ingredientele la fiert, la foc mediu. Când încep să se formeze bule mici de aer, ridică preparatul de pe aragaz și acoperă cu un capac, până când va fi servit. Țuica fiartă se servește în ceșcuțe mici de lut.

Cum se prepara screwdriver cocktail

Cocktailul "surubelnita" este racoritor, potrivit pentru sezonul cald, si ti-l poti pregati singura in cateva minute. Astfel, in timpul liber, dupa serviciu te poti rasfata cu acest cocktail. Iata cum sa prepara:

Necessary ingredients:

- 50 ml vodca
- 400 ml suc de portocale
- un lime
- 4-5 cuburi de gheata zdrobite

Cum se prepara un screwdriver cocktail:

Pentru a prepara acest cocktail trebuie sa sa pui gheata zdrobita intr-un pahar, apoi sa adaugi vodca si sa completezi cu suc de portocale. Amesteca bine si torna in pahar. Il poti decora cu o felie de lime.

De asemenea, pe langa combinatia standard, de vodca cu suc de portocale, exista numeroase sortimente ale acestui cocktail si anume: The Sloe Screw (vodca + gin + suc de portocale), The Sameretto (vodca + suc de portocale + lichior Amaretto), HI-FI (vodca + fanta), The Fuzzy Cosmonaut (vodca + tang), The Harvey Wallbanger (vodca + Galliano + suc de portocale).

Indiferent pentru ce sortiment optezi, cocktailul surubelnita este unul delicios, racoritor, perfect pentru noptile fierbinti de vara.