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Cream tomato soup

Cream tomato soup

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As it is still the season of fresh garden tomatoes, I told myself to make this soup that I adore a lot at home ... being nutritious and refreshing at the same time, p, if consumed even cold.

  • tomatoes: 1.5kg;
  • carrot: 1:
  • celery: 1/2;
  • onion: 1;
  • bell peppers: 1;
  • a handful of rice;
  • green parsley:
  • spices;

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cream tomato soup:

Peel the tomatoes beforehand. (either after you have kept them in hot water for 5 minutes each, or if they are well cooked and then the peel is taken directly, without scalding beforehand). Absolutely boil all the vegetables. After they have boiled for half the time they have softened, put the blender directly in the pot (like je: D) then add the rice (I put the pre-cooked one) and let it cook for another quarter of an hour. Season (salt, pepper, dried basil and oregano). Serve with plain chopped green parsley, sour cream or grated cheese, depending on taste ... it's a delight in summer!

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if the tomatoes are not well cooked or you don't have enough, or you simply want more taste, add a cup of bottled tomato juice or broth after the bird.


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