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Bean soup with smoked ciolan

Bean soup with smoked ciolan

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Wash the beans well in two waters, then leave them in the water to be well covered, from evening to morning.

The next day add hot water and put it on the fire until it starts to boil.

Drain the water, rinse the beans with warm water and put them back to boil in enough water to be covered.

Repeat the procedure once more, then cover the beans well with water and put on medium heat.

The ciolanul is also washed well in hot water and boiled in water until it is covered.

Leave it to boil until it almost comes off the bone.

When the beans start to soften slightly, we clean the vegetables and chop them as we like, smaller or larger.

We stop two onions and the pepper, and we add the rest of the vegetables over the beans in the bowl.

Add the bay leaves, sprinkle with thyme, then after about 15 minutes of boiling the vegetables, add the ciolan with the soup in which it boiled.

We taste the soup and season it with salt.

Add the pepper and a pepper powder.

We harden the two stopped onions well in the hot oil, we add salt, pepper and paprika, both sweet and hot, then, when the onion becomes translucent, we add the peeled tomatoes and passed them through the robot.

Mix everything well and let the sauce boil for 7-8 minutes, then add it over the beans with the ciolan from the bowl.

Taste the stew and season it if necessary with spices and salt, let it simmer for another 5-6 minutes, then set it aside and add the finely chopped parsley.

This soup is very good, it is my boys' favorite.

In Oltenia, where I have my roots, this soup is prepared with jumari.

Serve bean soup with red onions, yellow onions, or green onions.

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